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Advantages of Suzhou relay

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  Suzhou relay consists of three parts: input circuit, isolation (coupling) and output circuit. Input circuits can be divided into three types: DC input circuits, AC input circuits, and AC/DC input circuits. Some input control circuits are also compatible with TTL/CMOS, positive and negative logic control, and inverting.

    The isolation and coupling method of Suzhou relay input and output circuits is optocoupler and transformer coupling. The output circuit of the relay can also be divided into DC output circuit, AC output circuit and AC/DC output circuit. For AC outputs, two thyristors or a triac switch are typically used, and bipolar devices or power FETs can be used for DC outputs.
  Advantages of Suzhou relay
  1. High life, high reliability: SSR has no mechanical parts, and the solid equipment completes the contact function. Suzhou relays can work in high shock and vibration environments. There are characteristics that determine the long life and high reliability of the relay.
  2. High sensitivity, low control power and good electromagnetic compatibility: Suzhou relay has a wide input voltage range and low driving power, and is compatible with most logic integrated circuits without adding buffers or drivers.
  3. Fast conversion: the relay can be switched from milliseconds to microseconds.
  4. Electromagnetic interference: Suzhou relay has no input "coil", no ignition arc and rebound, thereby reducing electromagnetic interference. Most AC output solid state relays are zero-voltage switches that turn on at zero voltage and turn off at zero current, reducing sudden interruptions in the current waveform and reducing switching transient effects.
  The above is about how to measure the quality of Suzhou relay, the company is mainly engaged in the agency and distribution of electronic components, relying on overseas and domestic entities to carry out global electronic components supply business, accumulated years of service experience. Some commonly used materials are stocked in large quantities, and special technicians provide relevant technical support. If you need to purchase products, please call us.
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Suzhou Lvsong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Address: No. 196, Taohuawu Street, Suzhou


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