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Suzhou Lvsong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Address: No. 196, Taohuawu Street, Suzhou

Company Profile

       Suzhou Lvson Electronic Technology Co., LtdIn August 2006, it began to specialize in the agency and distribution of electronic components, relying on overseas and domestic entity companies to carry out global electronic components supply business, and accumulated many years of service experience. Some commonly used materials are stocked in large quantities, and special technicians provide relevant technical support.

       Hongfa relay/optocoupler photocoupler/AFE power detection chip/MCU main chip/Sanhe electrolytic capacitor/Sanli inductor transformer

Company Policy:

The ultimate goal of the company's actions is customer satisfaction. Meet and exceed customer expectations.

Quality Policy: 

Product quality and service quality is the life of the company.

Competitive advantage:

The entire business is managed by MRP system, providing VMI, logistics and other value-added services, relying on EDI, network VPN platform and other technology to support global business, excellent team collaboration to support the overall solution.

At present, the customer groups served involve automotive electronics, medical equipment, industrial equipment, energy storage/photovoltaic and other new energy, consumer products and other industries.
Suzhou Lvsong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Address: No. 196, Taohuawu Street, Suzhou


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