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What is Suzhou film capacitor

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Many people don't know what Suzhou film capacitors are. Organic films are often referred to as plastic films. Capacitors made of organic film are also called organic film capacitors. These capacitors are widely used and have outstanding performance. There are more than 12 kinds of organic films used in the manufacture of capacitors, polystyrene, polytetrafluoroethylene, polyester (polyester), polypropylene, polycarbonate film capacitors are the most mature.

  Suzhou film capacitors are divided into two types: polar films and non-polar films. Capacitors made of polar films have large specific capacitance, high temperature resistance, and high withstand voltage. Capacitors made of non-polar films have small loss tangent TGD, high insulation resistance, medium absorption coefficient, negative temperature coefficient, etc.
  Suzhou film capacitors are manufactured in two configurations. One structure is to use two layers of 7mm thick aluminum foil as the electrode plate, and then use two layers of organic film as the medium to form a four-layer capacitor through the winding process. The film and aluminum foil of such capacitors can be separated, which is called a foil capacitor. Another structure uses a thin film as a medium, forming a 20 nm thick metal film directly on one side as a plate. There are various methods of preparing metal films: molten metal can be obtained by physical or chemical methods, and then uniformly sprayed on the film to form a metal film plate. Suzhou film capacitors can be uniformly coated on one side of the organic film by the gold plating process. Metal films can also be used to form plates, which can be evaporated to one side of the membrane by an evaporation process to form plates.
  By stacking two such plates into a stack, a double-layer Suzhou film capacitor can be obtained. Since membranes and metal films cannot be separated and metallized, they are called metallized film capacitors.
  The above is about Suzhou film capacitor what is related to the brief, the company is mainly engaged in the agency and distribution of electronic components, relying on overseas and domestic entities to carry out global electronic components supply business, accumulated many years of service experience. Some commonly used materials are stocked in large quantities, and special technicians provide relevant technical support. If you need to purchase products, please call us.
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